That Make Flower Arranging Easier

You’ve planned the meal and dusted off the dishes, but what about the décor for your table? You can create a showstopping centerpiece on your own in about half an hour using flowers you find at the market—or even forage from your own backyard. When setting out to assemble your own centerpiece, there are a few tips and tools that will come in handy and make the finished product last.

Select about seven types of flowers and greenery from your local flower market or grocery store to make the arrangement feel layered and varied. Build a sturdy base for those blooms using a flower frog, floral wire, and floral tape and fill the vessel ¾ full with water mixed with flower food. Before assembling, snip soft stems at an angle and cut woodier stems across, then give them a snip up the center to help them absorb more liquid. Remove any leaves that might touch water. Otherwise they can decay faster than the flowers and give your entire arrangement a shorter lifespan.

This helpful handbook can guide you toward in-season flowers within your chosen color scheme.

These shears help cut everything from delicate stems to woody branches and can even trim wire. Keep them separate from your everyday scissors to maintain their sharpness.

A reusable floral frog has dozens of pinpoints to secure stems in place. Attach it to your vase with floral adhesive.

Wire netting and floral tape provide additional stem stability for your arrangement.

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